Perfect Bedroom for a young girl!

I am not a fan of themed rooms, even for children. Well vintage Winnie the Pooh is pretty darling, but anything “cartoony” I personally would steer clear from. I don’t believe in buying everything from the same store. Mix and match with similar colors and the room will look more original and more homey.

This is what I would put in a baby gir’ls room that you don’t want to have to redesign every couple of years. This room could grow with her. Also think about using a normal sized dresser and a changing table that will later be a desk or a book shelf. You could easily fashion safety ledges for either piece. In the long run you will save money instead of buying novelty children’s furniture that she will outgrow soon anyway.

I love that these prints are appropriate for a nursery or a young girls room, but there is also a quality to them that has an adult feel. I feel like these prints would be cherished and passed down to the next generation. All four original prints are copies of mixed media paintings by Lindsay Brackeen.


My new obsession is wall decals or unconventional wallpaper. I’ve hated wallpaper for as long as I can remember, but the new styles coming out are very chic and don’t have that tacky look to them anymore. This wallpaper tree is from It reaches from the floor to the ceiling.

I love the thought of putting it over white, light yellow, or sky blue walls so that the tree pops as a focal point. The colors of the tree also go really well with the prints, and when she inevitably gets sick of the tree on the wall you won’t feel as much regret taking down the wallpaper as you would painting over a time-consuming mural.


This is a loveseat for mom to get some rest on or later for the girl to hang out with her friends on. I love the buttery yellow color.


I love this quilt! It’s definitely for a girl, but it is predominantly green, blue, and yellow with only accents of pink. I don’t have anything against pink, but I don’t think that it’s the only option for a girl’s room. I would use a solid color sheet set though. There is a little too much floral going on for my taste.



2 Responses to “Perfect Bedroom for a young girl!”

  1. lindsay Says:

    Thank you for saying such sweet things about my art! 🙂

  2. harmonyfrance Says:

    Ofcourse! Those prints are just lovely.

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