The Glorious Bloody Mary

I was in the Navy for 6 years, college for 6 years, and now I’m in an artistic community. Needless to say, I enjoy having a cocktail. Despite this, I am now old enough to realize that…No, I don’t have to have that flaming shot of Everclear. I don’t care if everyone else is doing it. I would rather not throw up my intestines or burn my mouth. Thanks though. You enjoy.

Now that I no longer feel the need to prove anything, I drink what I actually enjoy. I love a nice glass of Cabernet with dinner. I love Riesling when I’m eating chocolate. I can never go wrong with Spiced Rum. I enjoy a Lager from time to time and I love any drinks made with Pomegranate liqueur.

While all of those drinks have a place in my heart, my one true love is the Glorious Bloody Mary. It may be a little “ladies who lunch” of me…but I don’t care. I’m not ashamed. A good Bloody Mary makes my soul happy, and not just at “lunch.” The Bloody Mary is the one drink and/or food that I literally crave 24 hours a day without exception. I am ALWAYS in the mood for one, it ALWAYS makes me happy, and I ALWAYS want another one immediately after the first.

I love Bloody Mary’s so much that I’ve decided that I need to display that love with a piece of art*. I especially LOVE the vintage-looking one with the recipe on it. It is so cute and I LOVE the idea of having the recipe on the wall in case, heaven forbid, I should forget it. I don’t know; I might have to get it!

*Are Bloody Mary’s not your thing? There is a lot of alcohol related art out there. Of course there is wine and champagne, but there are also margaritas, cosmos, long islands, martinis, gimlets…you name it! Some of them even have the recipes on them! Just go to and search for ‘alcohol.’ Ooh better yet search for ‘recipe’ and you’ll get all the art with the cocktail recipe right on it! Of course that is only if you aren’t ashamed to put your libation of choice on the wall. Say it loud! I’m a lush and I’m proud!*

w7eul065c.jpg sabetbrandsdotningcom.jpgBLOODY MARY RECIPE:

How someone likes their Bloody Mary is a very personal choice. There are thousands of ways to make them and every bartender claims that their recipe is the best in town. (Don’t order it if they use a store bought mix). I like mine thick with 2 parts tomato juice/one part vodka with a lot of worcestershire sauce. I like to use a citrus vodka or just lots of lemons. The sour balances the sweet from the worcestershire sauce making it so hearty. I use a celery salt rim, and I use a moderate amount of tabasco to make it pleasantly spicy instead of burn your mouth off spicy. I use TONS of garnishes. The more the better. Any sort of combination of olives, lemons, celery, carrots, pickles, cocktail onions, asparagus, peperoncini, or even meat and cheese. The more like a garbage salad it is the happier I am. : )


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