“If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing bird will come” -Chinese proverb

It’s so hard to feel motivated today. It’s so cold. This winter in Chicago has been truly brutal. We’ll have a day or two where it looks like it’s getting warmer and then it dips back below freezing again. At least it isn’t in the negatives anymore. For a while there we were excited if we had a positive temperature. I have radiator heat that I SWEAR is set on a timer instead of a temperature, so it’s really cold in my apartment. It’s okay I’m young and I have lots of blankets, but that’s the whole point! I don’t want to get out from under them. I’ve given myself a deadline though so I have to.

The other sad thing is there were no birds chirping this morning. Spring is being very elusive this year. I know that we aren’t even out of February yet. I know! I just got so excited the other day. I hope those birds are okay. I hope they didn’t freeze and die. Sorry for the morbidness! In tribute to the birds I’m going to do a bird display today. I hope I hear them again tomorrow!


In Chronological order:







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