One of the hot new trends this year is velvet. While I still wouldn’t WEAR it, (too many bad memories from my childhood) I love it in home decor. Velvet is no longer reserved for only traditional homes. It is being used in surprisingly modern ways, but is still just as sumptuous and glamorous as ever. Velvet is actually surprisingly durable and so comfortable! I love the idea of plopping one of these great pieces or spreads in with a modern home as a pop of color and/or a change in texture. If you add one of these babies into a humdrum room it will instantly come alive!

*The purse is just for fun and because I want it REALLY badly! 😉



In chronological order:

Cobalt Blue Chair:

Chocolate Brown Tufted Headboard:

Red Chaise:

Charcoal Bed Cover:

Brown throw and Accent pillows:

Midnight Blue (Ink) Bed set:

Maroon and Teal Silk and Velvet Quilt:

Purple Shoulder Bag with Embroidery:


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