Collage Art

As an actor, sometimes when I’m preparing for a role I make a vision book. Basically I make collages, write down poetry, quotes, thoughts, and anything that helps me define what kind of person my character is. While cleaning yesterday I found a couple of my old vision books. I think I’m going to frame some of the old collages.

On a whim I searched online for Collage Art. I was amazed with what I found. Beautiful, intriguing, and original work. I’ve been making collages for fun and for inspiration my whole life, but never thought of it as an art form. I certainly do now.

Techniques of collage first appeared in China when paper was invented, all the way back in 200 b.c. Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso coined the term in the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of modern art. (Source: Wikipedia)

Angels in America concept collage from my Vision Book:


Into the Woods concept collage (The Witch) from my Vision Book:









“Wings on My Dreams”







“Old man in the Sea”





One Response to “Collage Art”

  1. Kayla Cornell Says:

    These are so amazing!

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