Spring Cleaning 08 is going so well! Freecycle is my new best friend. I have a hard time getting rid of things, but knowing that it’s going to someone who is going to love and appreciate it makes it so much easier to give it up and it helps with our landfills. 🙂 I chose my vanity family very carefully; I hope that they love it. I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff! The apartment is starting to look really great. A lot of the clutter is gone and it feels so much more peaceful. I feel bad because I am going home to visit my family and I have to leave my roommate with the job not QUITE finished. We are so close!

I’m also doing a Spring Cleaning of my mind and body. This trip that I’m taking home is the first break that I’ve had from theater in almost 5 years. I don’t have anything lined up for my next project and surprisingly I feel great about it. I’m going to go home and work for my dad, read books, cook with my mom, hang out with my brother, get a new haircut, go to the doctor, go to the dentist, do some shopping, maybe some light sightseeing, and just RELAX. I really need this. I’m hoping to come back to Chicago refreshed and maybe even a little inspired.

While I’m in St. Louis I will make sure to take pictures of my mom’s amazing artwork and her boutique, (which just happens to be the cutest boutique in the whole world in case anyone was wondering) and anything else that inspires me. Maybe when I return it will be Spring. 🙂



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