Domino Magazine

I stopped buying magazines a long time ago. It’s amazing how quickly a couple of magazine subscriptions can clutter up your space. BUT now that I have this blog, and I did so well on my spring cleaning, and I’m trying to treat myself with things other than food and drink, and I’ve been a good girl overall…(seriously could I come up with MORE ways to rationalize this…lol) ANYWAY I want to subscribe to a new magazine. Since my favorite home magazine of all time is now defunct (Living Room Magazine 😦 ), I’ve been looking at new ones. I want something young and hip and not too designer-esque. I came across Domino Magazine…and look at their manifesto!

Our Manifesto:

  • Home Should Make You Happy!
  • We swear by the 3 R’s: repaint, repaper, reupholster
  • Steal ideas from other people’s houses
  • Even the insides of the closets & cabinets can be beautiful
  • It’s ok to NOT BE finished
  • A chandelier is as timeless as a black dress
  • Renters need not be second class citizens
  • Sometimes your mistakes become your greatest inspirations
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO MIX STYLES (Louis XIV and Eero Saarinen should hang out more often)
  • When traveling, skip the snapshot and buy something unique for the coffee table

WOW! This sounds pretty spot on with my design philosophy! I think I just found my new guilty pleasure!


*This was the cover photo on their first issue.


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