Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month! I am so proud to be a woman right now. We have come so far. Despite the outcome of the democratic race, we have our first viable woman running for President. This is progress! We can all agree on that no matter where our loyalty lies. I don’t think that we will understand how huge this historic event is until after the dust has settled.

Well I was feeling pretty proud in general of women and where the country has come so I decided to go read about it on the National Women’s History Project website. I’m kind of a history junkie! Anyway, I found this beautiful poster AND I found out that the theme of this year’s month is Women’s Art! I couldn’t be happier!


“To honor the originality, beauty, imagination, and multiple dimensions of women’s lives, we have chosen Women’s Art: Women’s Vision as the 2008 theme for National Women’s History Month.”

“The history of women and art is quintessential women’s history.  It is the story of amazing women’s accomplishments acclaimed at the time but written out of history. Join us in ensuring that their accomplishments are never forgotten.”

“This year’s theme provides a special opportunity to discover and celebrate women’s visual arts in a variety of forms and mediums that help expand our perceptions of ourselves and each other.”



One Response to “Women’s History Month!”

  1. Karlee A. Turner Says:

    Here, here! I agree; the main reason I have started my own blog about women in history – specifically women of the 19th century who braved the status quo and did what they needed to do.

    Victorian America in the Age of Sail: Women at Sea


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