Magnificent Collage Wall

Whew! It just took me over two hours to upload these photos. I’m on my mom’s laptop and it’s giving me some issues. I miss my Macbook! The adapter broke and let me tell you, trying to find Mac accessories in St. Louis is like trying to find the golden fleece! 🙂

Anyway, this is my mother’s magnificent collage wall. These pictures do not do justice to this wall at all. I wish you could see it in person; it’s so beautiful. This is something that I would never think to do. Basically she decoupaged the entire wall tiny piece, by tiny peace. She cut up fine arts books, a couple books on quilts, greeting cards, catalogues…you name it! It took her a couple of months to complete this. She covered a small 3 foot across wall and followed it around the corner onto one full wall in the kitchen. Everything else is in neutral shades, so believe it or not it doesn’t look too busy. This is something that I would probably not do in my own home, but I think it’s beatiful and I’m always amazed at how creative my mother can be! She never fails to inspire me.









2 Responses to “Magnificent Collage Wall”

  1. Alana in Canada Says:

    Oh my. That is beautiful.
    What an eye.

  2. harmonyfrance Says:

    Yeah she’s pretty remarkable. I wouldn’t normally like something like this, but my mother has an uncanny ability to make things work that nobody else could. She really is an inspiration to me. 🙂

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