Dining Room Plan

I’m so excited about the results of our Spring Cleaning. It’s not done yet. There is a lot more to be done, but honestly are we ever REALLY done? Don’t answer that! Well now that I’m not hating my apartment, I’ve been in the mood to redo some things.

Right now my dining room is stone brown on all four walls. There are Stainless Steel furniture pieces that I dumpster dived for in there! I also collect vintage vogue covers that are displayed. I think that I want to paint one of the walls aqua and feature the vogue prints on that wall. I’m so excited!


v191606011.jpg v192011011.jpg

v191907011.jpg v191801151.jpg


*My prints are aged and worn and are a lot less vibrant and I have two more of them.

**The cabinet on the right is the same finish as the one on the left.


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