The Cure

I thought I should explain why I have the sudden urge to paint all the rooms in my apartment! LOL! I am participating in the Spring cure from Apartment therapy. Basically the cure is based on Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s book Apartment Therapy: the eight step home cure. The book “…will lead you through the eight weeks and the basic cure requires minimal expense as it takes you from room to room and helps you declutter, organize and clean your home.” I figured since I already got a good head start with my Spring cleaning that I should bring this to the next level!

The great part about the cure is that there is an online community support group (for lack of a better word). It’s based on the Apartment therapy website. You join the group from the city you are closest to. The cities are Chicago 🙂 , San Francisco, L.A., and New York. There is also a Green Home option. People upload their pictures to and get feedback, suggestions, and general support from other cure members. It helps when there are others going through the same thing as you!

I’ll be posting from time to time pictures of my own cure process…and maybe some inspirational pictures from other cures. Wish me luck!



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