Lilacs and Honeysuckle

I’m starting to miss Chicago…which was the whole point of me taking a break I suppose. One of the best parts of the cure is buying a new bouquet of flowers every week for your apartment. It’s supposed to add life to the apartment and if displayed in an unused area it helps bring your attention to that area. Well I’m in St. Louis! AND while I’m really enjoying my break, I’m missing my first week of flowers!

Growing up in Upstate New York our backyard was brimming with Lilac bushes. That intoxicating scent is synonomous with Spring and Summer for me. My mom would have dozens of vases spilling over with lilacs all over the house. It’s one of my strongest memories and has been my favorite flower ever since.

My second favorite flower grows right outside my Chicago apartment building. I love honeysuckle 🙂 . It’s not the most beautiful flower, but the aroma more than makes up for it.  Even the name….honey…suckle. It just sounds delicious. I always want to find a way to smell exactly like that all the time.

I don’t know if I can find bouquets of these flowers. They’re wilder, more common, less coveted I suppose. They grow where they aren’t cultivated, but I cherish them. They truly add some very happy moments to my life. I guess sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers. 😉




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