Is it Serendipity?

Being a starving artist has it’s pros and cons. On the one side I am surrounded by the most talented, creative, and interesting people you can imagine. I am friends with everyone from an operatic dramatic soprano (the best I’ve ever heard), an amazing funk diva (who gives new meaning to lung capacity), a ridiculously handsome crooner (who could give ole blue eyes a run for his money), and a practically technically perfect musical theater star (and she’s nice to boot). I consider all of them my close friends and equals and feel extremely lucky to do so. I am in a field where creation is my job. I get to do what I love and get paid for it…just not a lot.

On the flip side I’m always broke, rejection is plentiful, and you literally have every inch of you judged at each audition…from talent to weight and height to the way you say hello. I’m ALWAYS broke! I live in a one bedroom apartment with my best friend and I eat a lot of Ramen! While I’m waiting for my big break I call my couch my bed. Don’t get me wrong. I love my couch and am actually quite content sleeping on a couch, but unfortunately my neck and back disagree with me. I really need to have the option of sleeping in my own bed from time to time.

I’ve been scouring craigslist for a daybed or a sleeper couch to no avail. They are either way too expensive for me, or something that I would not put in my home. I need a bed, but my aesthetic sensibilities just won’t let me bring in an ugly or ill-fitting piece despite my neck problems. That may sound silly to some, but I take what I bring into my home very seriously. 🙂 Besides, most of the sleepers I’ve seen look like they’ve spent 10 years in a frat house. No thank you.

So I’ve had no luck….until tonight…..


Sofa bed from Crate and Barrel is covered in antique gold stripe (has elegant green-gold cast) and measures approx. 6′ 4″ long and 3′ 8″ deep and 35″ high. Please note – the fabric is matte, it looks shiny in the photos due to the camera flash off the silk threads.
Bed seldom used. Is in excellent condition, and mattress pad included. Sofa recently professionally cleaned.
Also adding a matching coffee/cocktail table for free!

Couch originally $2500 – selling for $300!

Ummm…..Come to Mama! I am hoping with all I have that this hasn’t been promised yet. This couch would fit in perfectly with my home and it would give me a bed. I can see my vintage European travel posters hanging over it. I can see the amber glow of my eclectic collection of lamps illuminating it. But more importantly I see ME quite comfortable on this couch reading, blogging, and ahhhh sleeping. Is it serendipity? I sure hope so!


5 Responses to “Is it Serendipity?”

  1. CQ in DC Says:

    my fingers are crossed for you- keep us posted!

  2. harmonyfrance Says:

    Aw…thank you. I’m number 2 on their list so it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out this time. But never fear, I will find the right piece! 🙂

  3. ericmchicago Says:

    Thank you for posting such an informative and/or interesting blog and/or picture. Every day and/or other day I learn something new and informative and/or new or informative, even if I don’t agree and/or do agree with every post and/or reply. Keep up the good work.


    Eric Martin

    PS – I am not a spammer and/or blog pirate. Thank you and/or Best Wishes.

  4. harmonyfrance Says:

    Well aren’t you a nice spammer! 😉

  5. ericmchicago Says:

    LOL I get the nicest spammers on my blog! haha you get these wonderful, dedicated friends that care and I get spammers that are nice, friendly, polite, and complimentary 🙂 !! We are so freaking weird. Love u!!


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