New Wall Art

It wasn’t Serendipity, but Joanne (the sofa owner) was lovely and was actually an ex-actress. I’m not worried though the right piece will come. Today I’m obsessed with my Living Room wall art. I’ve decided that I hate all of it. I want all new wall art!

httpwwwetsycomview_listingphplisting_id7952956.jpg httpwwwetsycomview_listingphplisting_id9193792.jpg httpwwwetsycomview_listingphplisting_id9756943.jpg

httpwwwetsycomview_listingphplisting_id10391506.jpg httpwwwetsycomview_listingphplisting_id10092822.jpg vintageface21.jpg

It’s nice to want, isn’t it? 😉


2 Responses to “New Wall Art”

  1. CQ in DC Says:

    darn it! oh well, if you Cure the room, the right sofa will come!

  2. harmonyfrance Says:

    Haha! That’s what I think too!

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