Color Schemes

I’ve settled on my color schemes for my Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen!

In the Living Room right now my walls are painted the Biscuit color as is the hallway leading into the Dining Room, the trim and molding is Ice Cube, and my couch is close to that Analytical Grey color. I’m bringing in hot pink poppy throw pillows which are similar to the color Hot. I want to do an accent wall in Luxurious Red. My mother also gave me a beautiful credenza/dresser that is painted in that Dill green with a distressed finish.

sw6314.gif sw6843.gif mpc0029891-1.jpg mpc0030050-1.jpg mpc0041416-1.jpg mpc0071537-1.jpg
My Dining Room is painted Stone Brown. I’m painting a Cool Aqua accent wall and I’m putting the black/brown expedit unit on that wall. The trim and molding is in Ice Cube and I’m recovering my dining room chairs in velvet that is very close to the Analytical Grey color.
mpc0004804-21.jpg mpc0029779-1.jpg mpc0030050-1.jpgmpc0029891-1.jpg
The Kitchen is going to be painted a semi-gloss Stem Green and has the Ice Cube trim. There is an open doorway to the Dining Room so the green can also be seen in there.
WHEW! I know that it looks like a lot of color…but I’m not afraid of color. Also ALL my furniture, rugs, and curtains are neutral solids. It really isn’t too much. It also looks like I have a lot of paint to buy. Really I only have to buy enough for accent walls of Cool Aqua, Luxurious Red, and a very small kitchen worth of Gleeful. It’s taken me weeks to settle on these colors. I’m pretty happy with them. What do you think?

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