Back to the City that I Love

This trip/sabbatical/break/whatever you want to call it, has done me a world of good. I’m still a little stressed about certain things, but I feel ready to face them now. I’m ready to take my life into my own hands. The cure has helped, my family has helped, sleeping in a bed for a month has helped, eating healthily has helped, looking out on Lake St. Louis everyday has helped, and the support of my friends has helped.

Two nights ago my best friend had what we both thought was a really close call. I stayed really calm. I always do in emergencies and then I freak out over stupid things. He’s fine and it wasn’t as serious as we thought, but it got me thinking about how important his friendship is to me. THATS what matters. My beautifully flawed family is what matters. Being creative and feeling inspired is what matters. The things that I obsess over and that stress me out in my life are unimportant. The only things that are important are taking care of myself, taking care of the people that I love, and deciding what I want to get out of this world and working as hard as I can to get it.

I go back to Chicago tomorrow and I am ready for whatever she wants to throw at me. You can sit back and let things happen to you and feel sorry for yourself. OR you can be a problem solver and you can be proactive and make your OWN life better.  So here I come Chicago! I’m going back to the city that I love.




2 Responses to “Back to the City that I Love”

  1. davezawislak Says:

    As a welcome back, the city saved you up some winter with a fresh new blanketing.

  2. harmonyfrance Says:

    HAHA…that’s alright. I’m going to bring the Spring with me. 😉

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