Blue Chair Happiness!

I found these on Craigslist and I’m picking up two of them tonight. I know the picture is hard to see. Basically it’s vibrant blue velvet tailored goodness. I love them. I’m taking all the art off my wall in the Living Room. The whole room will now be designed around these chairs! I’ve completely broken the bank on these. I got an amazing deal but still absolutely cannot afford them. Here’s to blue chair happiness!


4 Responses to “Blue Chair Happiness!”

  1. Alana in Canada Says:

    Yay! Blue Happiness.
    Will you play music with “blue” in it while you take down your picture wall?

    Blue suede shoes, Blue Moon, Rhapsody in Blue….

  2. CQ in DC Says:

    truly fabulous chairs- I have intense chair envy!

  3. Alana in Canada Says:

    So, do you have them?
    Are they going to fit in your living room?
    I’m excited for you.

  4. harmonyfrance Says:

    Aw thanks guys! I have ONE of them. Only one would fit in the car. I just started a new job this week and I’ve been really busy. I am going to pick up the other one tonight. 😉

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