Marimekko Inspiration

This is my new inspiration for my Living Room. I threw all my other ideas out and started over. I decided to design the room around my new chairs and this amazing marimekko fabric wall hanging. This will be the focal point of my LR, when I can afford it of course LOL.

This fabric goes really well with a huge vintage print that I already have. I can’t hang it on the walls because it’s too heavy, so it’s gone undisplayed for years. I HATE my walls. My solution is to put it on an easel!

Additionally I would like to use one more vintage print (I’m obsessed with Vintage Art prints and they aren’t ridiculously expensive). I narrowed it down to these three. I can’t decide though!


3 Responses to “Marimekko Inspiration”

  1. Alana in Canada Says:

    Viva Italia–it’s the only one of the three that you could possibly put in the same room with the one you already have and not turn your living room into a bordello. Besides, it’s so lively and fun–you’d probably scowl at it some days!

  2. harmonyfrance Says:

    Maybe I want it to be a bordello. 😉 I like that one too! Really I’m torn between that one and the butterfly. I just liked the other one because it was white and I thought it would balance out all that color. I’m so drawn to bright color recently!

  3. Jo Foster Says:

    Wow, can you tell me where I could buy that lovely fabric? Jo.

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