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Quirky Kitchens!

May 31, 2008

I know that it’s been a little bit. I’ve been really busy. It’s all good things thankfully! I don’t normally do this, but if you want to check out what I have going on in the upcoming months you can go here.

I used to dream about a French Country kitchen with a real fireplace and hanging copper pots and pans. Lately however, I am attracted to really bright and happy “quirky” kitchens. Domino has a collection of quirky kitchens on their site and I wanted to share my favorite ones. 🙂

And here’s my own quirky kitchen…or the sink anyway.. 🙂


Urban finds

May 5, 2008

I want one of these Urban Outfitter’s chairs for my new Dining Room!!!

Spring Cure 08

May 4, 2008

The Spring Cure is officially over. I’ve learned a lot of things from this cure. I’ve learned how much happier I am in a more organized space. I’ve learned how much impact a strong pop of color can make. I’ve learned that I can’t do everything at once. I’ve learned that decluttering NEVER ends.

When I started this cure I thought that I would have everything done by week 8. Eight weeks is a long time! Well I don’t. I’ve cured my dining room, kitchen, hallway, and have made some serious progress on my living room. I’m now looking ahead to my fall cure. I want to cure my bathroom, finish my living room, and do the bedroom in the fall.

I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be happy with the little changes that you make in your home. I would get frustrated with myself at times because I wasn’t seeing enough BIG change. It’s the small things however, like organizing a junk drawer, that make the biggest impact on how I live and function!

Thank you Apartment Therapy for all the guidance and for showing so many of my pictures, it really kept me motivated! AND of course thanks to the amazing Chicago Cure Group!

Here are some of the results!