Princess and the pea

Okay I’ve been obsessed with my living room situation for some time. Here’s a short re-cap. I’m an up and coming actor in Chicago who lives with another up and coming actor in Chicago. We are both actually doing pretty well all things considered, but our living situation is less than enviable. We live in a one bedroom apartment. The living room is both my bedroom and living space while my roommate has the bedroom.

Anyway, I’ve been obsessed with finding the right couch/bed piece that is comfortable enough for me to sleep on every night but couch-like enough that it doesn’t look like you’re stepping into my bedroom.

This is the couch/bed of my dreams. It’s called the Divan de la Princesse au Petit Pois (ie. the princess and the pea) and it is carried by the French company Carvane. This bed creates such a fantasy for me. I love furniture pieces that do that for you. They serve as a sort of escapism. I would’ve loved this as a girl and probably would’ve re-enacted the princess and the pea at least once a day. I see lovely lounging, book reading, tea drinking, and yes laptop perusing on this beauty.



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