Gypsy Stew

One of my mom’s amazing talents is being able to show up at my apartment and take a half box of stale crackers, an onion, and some stewed tomatoes and turn it into a feast. Okay I’m exagerating a little, but not much. One of my favorite things that my mom cooks my family calls gypsy stew. My mom just takes whatever is in the cupboard/fridge and throws it in a pot and somehow makes it taste amazing.

I’ve been cooking for a while and I love it, but with a few exceptions I cook mostly with recipes. Well today all of that went out of the window for a couple of reasons. A. I’m “financially-challenged” at the moment. B. It was -17 f when I woke up today. Am I going outside to pick up groceries???? HECK NO!

So I took out my crock pot which has pretty much only seen my vegetarian chili (to die for) and started throwing stuff in it. I put potatoes, carrots, corn, onion, heavy cream, sour cream, chicken broth, spinach, butter, flour, and a bit of apple cider vinegar in the pot. I had no idea what to expect. Well it’s heavenly, especially on an awful cold day like today. It’s light and creamy without being too rich. The little bit of vinegar really made it come alive. It’s glorious. My mom would be proud. 🙂


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