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New Header!

March 10, 2009

Harmony’s nook now has a beautiful new header thanks to the enormous talents of EricMChicago (  He’s a web and graphic designer, a wonderful actor, and he happens to be my roommate! He’s also quite a looker.

See for yourself!



Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hee hee. Hoo boy. I have to have my fun. This is my favorite picture of him.


Here’s a superhero shot.



That’s it for now folks!


Design Pet Peeve: Zebra rugs

March 6, 2009

I don’t get this craze at all! Will someone explain this to me?


I’m not out everyday picketing the streets for PETA or anything, not that this is even real zebra, I just don’t get this fad. I think it’s pretty ugly. I KNOW IT’S IN RIGHT NOW! I’m sorry. I can’t like everything because it’s in. I may change my mind in the future. A woman reserves the right to change her mind at anytime. ESPECIALLY a woman LIBRA. So there. 😛


Nope I still don’t get it and I think this one might be real. ew.

We’re Moving!!!!

March 6, 2009

I’m so excited. The roomie and I have decided that enough is enough and we’re going to be moving in a couple of months. I’ve completely had it with this apartment. I’ve had it with the faulty plumbing, the insulation problems, the bug problems, etc.

So anyway, it’s time for me to look at a lot of apartments and to dream a little. My absolute requirements are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom that is in good shape (no broken tile, calking problems, plumbing problems), a decent kitchen that is in good shape WITH a dishwasher, and my dream item would be in unit washer/dryer.

I would love to incorporate these ideas into the new place:


I like how this room is bursting with color, but is completely grounded by all the wood and neutrals in the room. I got a little carried away with color in my current apartment and would like to tame it down for the next one.


I want this to serve as the color inspiration for the apartment. I LOVE the peacock blue with gold and little shots of red and pink. There is also chocolate brown (of course!) and some black and neutrals. I would also like to OWN this pillow. It’s so beautiful.


This also serves as general inspiration for the apartment. It has all my inspiration colors in it and I just love what it says to me. I love that it says Life at the top and that she seems to be becoming a butterfly. It’s so encouraging and life-affirming. I WANT THIS VERY BADLY.


I love the blue velvet! I have two blue velvet arm chairs that are similar to this. I would love to make them pop with apple green and/or fuchsia. (Let’s see how many times I can say love in this post!)


I like the pops of fuchsia in this room. I also love the combination of fabrics. It looks so multi-layered and cozy.


This is my dream bedroom. I love how serene the bedroom is with the unexpected hot shot of color in the drapery. This is the color scheme of the bed area that I would like. Soft and soothing neutrals with a gorgeous golden curtain enclosing it. Sort of like….


…THIS! I would love a curtain enclosure like Ebeneezer Scrooge has in the Christmas Story. I’ve always wanted one! I’ve also always wanted a Princess and the Pea bed. I haven’t given up on that!


I really love unconventional art. I hate hanging framed art on the walls. Probably because I suck at it! I never seem to hang it exactly where I want it. I don’t want to steal this exact idea, but I love the idea of a quote on the wall with the literal representation hanging below it. So clever.

Anyway, wish me luck on my apartment search. I have to FIND one before I can decorate it!