Hello! My name is Harmony. I’m an actress in Chicago. I’ve loved and been fascinated by home decor for as long as I can remember. I truly believe that you should surround yourself with things that you love. While I can appreciate and admire the work of an interior designer what truly delights me is how people decide to design their own space. I respond to spaces that represent a life and not just the hot new trend. Every piece of furniture and every piece of art that I own has a story and means something to me. If it doesn’t or I can live without it I will faze it out of my apartment.

Inspiration for decorating can come from anywhere. A lot of mine comes from nature, but I have been inspired by fashion, newspaper articles, cartoons, music, food, magazines, books, museums, movies, etc. For my fairly young age I have had a lot of life. I’ve traveled the world and been immersed in many different cultures. That experience motivates and inspires me everyday. I have really good instincts and I’m never afraid to go with them.

My mother is a fine artist. I grew up wearing her clothing designs and walking past her paintings bursting from our walls. Ours was a very artistic household. I enjoy all forms of art. Well to be honest I hate da da, but everything else I appreciate. I definitely like contemporary art, but I am also drawn to Japanese art, Renaissance art, Vintage advertising, and even some pop art. I just go with whatever speaks to me.

Welcome to my Nook!

Feel free to check out my actor website: http://www.harmonyfrance.com 


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