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My BLOG has moved

April 25, 2009

Hello folks. I’m sorry it’s been a while. Harmony’s Nook is still going strong, but it has moved to a new address:

I’ve also started a theater blog. It covers the day-to-day adventures of having a life in the theater called Behind the Curtain. You can find it here:


Thanks! And hope to see you over there!


New Header!

March 10, 2009

Harmony’s nook now has a beautiful new header thanks to the enormous talents of EricMChicago (  He’s a web and graphic designer, a wonderful actor, and he happens to be my roommate! He’s also quite a looker.

See for yourself!



Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hee hee. Hoo boy. I have to have my fun. This is my favorite picture of him.


Here’s a superhero shot.



That’s it for now folks!